Anglicans embrace the threefold order of ordained ministry that emerged early in the life of the Church.  At Christ Church, we live this out under the leadership of our Bishop,  The Rt. Rev. Dr. Todd Hunter, and our priest(s) and deacon(s) listed below.  Learn more about the church staff HERE.

Patrick Wildman | Senior Pastor | x224

Hello, I am Patrick Wildman; being a part of the Christ Church community is one of the greatest blessings of my entire life. I became a part of Christ Church, along with my family, in 2000, was ordained a priest [pastor] in 2005, and was named the Sr. Pastor in 2008.

As with everyone in our community, my role as Sr. Pastor is multifaceted – too much so to describe it all in one sentence. But to put it succinctly, my role is to lead, preach and teach so that Christ Church is able to live more fully into our Core Purpose, Vision and Values.

I am married to Stephanie and we have two wonderful daughters. I have many interests but people who know me would immediately say that I love Alabama football, KU basketball, talking theology, hunting, fishing and vacuuming. I know it’s a weird combination, but it’s me. 

Dean Behrens | Pastor of Student Life | x218

I got connected to Christ Church by doing youth ministry during my summers as a college student.  After finishing my undergrad, I came on as a   full-time intern and, in 2007, took my position in Student Life.

I love working with students.  They are real, raw, and fun.  The ministry is challenging and full of life.  I believe in God’s work in the younger generations.  He has plans for them and plans to use them.  My goal is to equip them to better live their lives as intentional   followers of Christ.

My ministry at Christ Church also includes my role as a deacon.  I enjoy preaching and teaching on a regular basis and caring for those in our congregation. 

I am married to an amazing woman, Jenny Behrens, and we have a sweet 4-year-old daughter, Joanna.

Nick Comiskey | Pastor of Care Ministries | x202

Hailing originally from Southern California and arriving in Overland Park by way of Pittsburgh, PA, I am thrilled be a part of the CCA staff.  After discovering Anglicanism as a college student and having served as a leader in both small group and recovery ministry, I envision the Anglican Church as a particularly effective witness of grace and truth to those in need of such healing.

In May of 2011, I somehow convinced Meghan Collins to take the plunge of holy matrimony. Now I’m that pastor with the beautiful wife.

It is a real honor to be a part of the Christ Church family and I am looking forward to serving you as we respond together to God’s gracious call in Jesus Christ.

Mel Clymer | Deacon

Some people are designed to do something very unique. Many-gifted and multi-skilled, Mel has a background in education; she is ordained as a Deacon. She is a nurse, a social worker and brings a wealth of experience in ministry.

During the week, she works in the operating room and serves as she can in a variety of ministries. On Sunday she serves at the altar in our services.




Trish Nelson | Executive Director | x307

I love my job; I love this place. I showed up at Christ Church in 1993 with my two very young children and I came to know Christ sitting in our worship space a couple years later. I started out my ministry as a volunteer leading a high school girls’ group … now I’ve become a priest and have had the honor of baptizing some of their children and presiding at their weddings! How much more awesome could the story get?

I’ve had many jobs here and I’ve seen God work in many CCA lives over the last 18 years, including my own. How much more can I celebrate all that God has done for me, and my family, and the Kingdom in and through this place? As I said, I love my job. And I love the people of Christ Church.


DO Smart | Retired Priest

A retired Admiral, DO is a lifetime leader at Christ Church. Although DO retired from Christ Church staff, he still serves during our weekly Sunday and Wednesday worship. He is also Mel Clymer’s dad (see Mel’s bio above).





Kirk Wulff | Pastor of Outreach & the Arts | x208

Kirk, AlphaKirk, Wulffman, or Kirkenator… I’ll answer to any of them. I’ve been a part of the Christ Church community for 25+ years and have been on staff since 1999. My passion, job, and ministry primarily revolve around Outreach, Mission, Worship, the Alpha course and meeting new people.

I also love Jesus and Starbucks (in that order). You can usually find me at the Starbucks @ 89th and Metcalf enjoying the bold blend and getting to know their staff and clients. I have an amazing wife, Diana Dark, who is a physician and educator at St. Luke’s Hospital on the Plaza and two kids. In addition to Alpha, my other passions are golf and fly fishing…but Diana always catches the largest trout when we go fishing.